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  • Export to 25 countries

  • AC Motor Drivers - Static Voltage Regulators - Uninterruptible Power Supplies

  • Power Control Solutions

  • AC Motor Drivers - Motor Speed Control Devices

  • Mills, kneading machines, mixers, conveyors, extruders, pumps and fans

  • Foil copper winding technology

  • ACB Protection and By-Pass Systems

  • Thyristor Tap Changer

  • Infinite Life

  • Very High Speed Correction

  • High Reliability

  • Distortionless Output Voltage

  • 5000V / second correction speed

  • Custom design for media and location

  • Protection filters for Medical Equipment, CNC Machines

  • Modular designs for Banks and Gas Stations

  • Inductive loads including demurrage such as air conditioner, fan, pump,

  • Hospital, Hotel, Factory and Industrial Facilities Power Line Entries

  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies - Transformerless UPS Technology

  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies - Input Isolation Transformer

  • SNMP and MODBUS compatible communication options

  • Static Bypass - Uninterrupted transfer of load to network

  • 3-phase selective, regulated transfer elements

  • 90-260V range operation


DATADRIVE AC Motor Drivers ;

 ..For 3-Phase Asynchronous Motor Applications from 0.75kW to 300kW, it is a modern speed control device which operates with IPM-SPWM technique which can set the speed of the motor at the desired value from zero with high starting torque. The fact that the LCD screen interface is in English makes the menu easy to understand and practical. Besides the standard parametric values, adding sectoral applications developed with user requests to the packages and adding them to the menu has made it easier for the user to make adjustments without fighting with complex technologies. It is a robust and reliable, next generation motor speed controller designed with the greatest possibility of difficult network conditions and user error probability.


With AC drives; normal operation also controls the stress of the system, and saves energy when performing a potential speed control.



-Advanced Technology Product

-SPWM Modulation

-IPM Module Power Solid

-Compliant with our network conditions

-Easy servicing and use

-Up to 50% energy savings

-Reduced noise levels

-High performance for engines

-It is a fab with high quality speed control. settings

-Restart (automatic restart in 2 seconds)

-Motor and speed control unit protection

-Control torque or tension

-Use of smaller fuses and supply connectors by reducing current drawn from the mains during take-off

-Reduction of peak currents in the electrical network

-Reduction of mechanical shock during take-off and stopping

-Unconditional warranty and service support




















  Textile Machines

Knitting Machines

Yarn Twisting machines

Packaging Packaging Machines

Medical Beds


Food Sector machines


Kneading Machines

Mixers and the like.


garage doors, elevators

Automatic parking barriers

they extruders mixers

Pumps and Fans

Chicken Farms, Seralar,

Rotating billboards

Grinding Machines

Dough Mixers

DATADIGITAL-SVR Static Voltage Regulators; a static voltage regulator that does not contain moving parts in its body. Voltage regulation is performed entirely by microprocessor-controlled digital technology for milliseconds. There is no part to wear, no need to care for the old clothes. On the other hand, in conventional servo motor voltage regulators, mechanical friction parts such as engine collectors, variable transformer brushes, brush beds show rapid wear. In continuous operation under load, heat and abrasions on the transformer surface and even voltage interruptions occur. Datadigital-SVR Static Voltage Regulators Thanks to its high-performance microprocessor and powerful feedback control algorithm, it protects itself and the load it feeds in abnormal situations such as over-current, over-temperature and short-circuit in dangerous low and high voltage of the mains voltage. RFI and EMI filter are standard .




-Advanced Technology Product

-Full Digital Microprocessor control

-Thyristor Tap Changer

-Zero Transfer / No Distortion

-20 millisecond response speed

-5000V / second correction speed

-Overload, Overcurrent Protection

-Over Voltage, Low Voltage Protection

-Surge, Right, Spike Protection

-Output Short-Circuit Protection

-EMI / RFI Noise Filter

-True RMS-True effective measurement

-True RMS-Actual Effective Display

-OrderRS - 232 Serial Communication Interface (Optional)

-LCD 4X20 Alphanumeric LCD Display

-Password Controlled User Parameter Settings

-Manual By-PassAutomatic By-Pass (Optional)

-Insulation transformator (optional)

-Compact Production

-Unconditional 2 year Warranty

-10 Year Parts Warranty

-Guarantee Production with ISO9001-2008 quality management system


























  Hospital, Hotel, Factory and Industrial Facilities Power Line Entries

Energy Infrastructure in troubled enterprises

Inductive loads such as air conditioner, fan, pump,

Home, Office and Smart Buildings

On medical Devices

Printing Machinery

On CNC Machine Tools

Telecommunication Equipment, Radio-TV Transmitters

Automation Equipment, Industrial Robots, Laser Devices

Textile and drying machines

Packaging, Packaging and Bottling Machines

Woodworking Edge sizing, edge banding, turning and milling

In injection and extruders

Laboratory Equipments, in dental equipment

DATAUPS Uninterruptible power supply;

..It eliminates the disadvantages such as interruption in work flow, loss of data in computers and erroneous information formation, high cost hardware failures, loss of production and product quality, improper operation of control systems. Apart from energy interruptions, other network problems with even more serious risks for electronic equipment can cause serious damages, especially in industrial plants. Since network harmonics, voltage spikes, voltage fluctuations and frequency variations can only be detected with the necessary measuring devices, they show themselves as a bad surprise at a bad time for most users, and such a technical malfunction can also lead to massive production losses. Thanks to the emerging semiconductor technologies, especially Online UPSs, it is possible to remove all these risks to the users and they provide the most important technical assurance in terms of the systems they are installed. What if it was not? Imagine that in the Intensive Care Unit, electricity is cut off by as much as 1 in 10 seconds, or that any surgery is due to fluctuation in the energetic environment or because of a momentary interruption ... A CNC device that you are investing millions of dollars is broken by energy interruptions, that the printing of a journalist is half-cut due to discontinuities ...


-High input power factor

-Low input harmonic distortion (THD)

-High efficiency up to 94%

-Battery start feature

-Static and maintenance bypass feature

-Overload and short-circuit protection

-Emergency shut-off button input

-128 error state memory (128 Event 3072 alarm)

-Calendar clock and working hour indicator

-Automatic battery test equipment

-Remaining battery time indicator

-ability to change the battery charge voltage according to temperature

-Modem connection for dial-up connection

-RS232 serial communication feature and alarm relay outputs

-Transformer options according to application at input and output

-SNMP and MODBUS communication system

-Compliance with international standards

-2 year warranty

-10 year spare parts warranty

-Production according to TUV-ISO9001 standards


























  In each application where backup energy is needed;
Network Systems
Data Centers
Telecom Systems
Internet Service providers
Medical Systems
Industrial Systems
CNN Machines
Automation equipment
Industrial Robots
Laser Devices
Production Fields
Airport Systems
Military Applications
Security systems
Emergency lighting systems
Alarm, notification and security systems
Sound and vision systems
Medical and medical devices
Emergency lighting systems
Photo printing and processing devices

DATASTS Regulated Static Transfer Elements;

Static Voltage Regulators with 3 phase input selectors; It is a system that feeds from the 3-phase power supply to the load that selects the best one from the 3 phases in order to ensure continuous regulated feeding of the critical loads at the output one.
If we examine the system in 4 parts a;

  • Input 3 Phase Selector
  • 1 phase Static Voltage Regulator
  •  Manual By-Pass
  • Automatic By-Pass to Switch Output


3 Phase Static Switch;

50-300VAC Static Transfer System which can serve in the input voltage range; It selects the most suitable phase of the input 3 phase AC power source for the set technical values and sends it to the Output Channel as the source of the Static Voltage Regulator with 1 phase AC input at its output. If the selected phase goes beyond the set technical tolerances, the Static Transfer System automatically transfers the load from the other phases to the most appropriate one.

1 phase Static Voltage Regulator;

120-250 VAC is a new generation AC voltage regulator with thyristor control that puts the input voltage range at

220 VAC + / - 3% Output voltage range with 20 millisecond correction rate.

Manual By-Pass

It is for maintenance purposes. Connects the output channel to a selected phase of the network's Input. The load at the -0- position is not dependent on the STSREG31 system. By-passing the STSREG31 System in the -1- position connects the L1 input phase to the Output Channel. It is the normal operating position. Position STSREG31 connects the regulated output channel to the load.

Automatic By-Pass to Switch Output

The STSREG31 system automatically connects the Static Switch output to the Final output channel when a fault occurs in the Static regulator unit.



Monitoring all parameters via LCD display

  • Ability to change parameters with password control

    Automatic Static Switching

    Overload, Overcurrent Protection

    Over Voltage, Low Voltage Protection

    Surge, Right, Spike Protection

    Output Short-Circuit Protection

    EMI / RFI Noise Filter

    True RMS-True effective measurement

    True RMS-Actual Effective Display Order

    Dry Contact Outputs

    Front access to all components in the STS

    Compliance with international standards

    2 year warranty 10 year spare parts warranty

    Production according to TUV-ISO9001 standards




















Military Applications, in mission critical;

Network Systems

Data Centers



Telecom Systems

Internet Service providers

Industrial Systems

Airport Systems

Security systems

Emergency lighting systems

Alarm, notification and security systems