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  • Ürettiklerinin %90 'ı 25 ülkeye ihracat

  • AC Motor Sürücüleri - Statik Voltaj Regülatörleri - Kesintisiz Güç Kaynakları

  • Güç Kontrol Çözümleri

  • AC Motor Sürücüleri - Yerli Üretim Motor Hız kontrol Cihazları

  • Öğütücüler, yoğurma makinaları, mikserler, konveyörler, extrüderler, pompa ve fanlar

  • Folyo bakır sargı teknolojisi

  • Kompakt Şalter koruma ve By-Pass Düzeni

  • Thyristor Tap Changer

  • Sonsuz Ömür

  • Çok Yüksek Düzeltme Hızı

  • Yüksek Güvenirlilik

  • Distorsiyonsuz Çıkış Gerilimi

  • 5000V/Saniye düzeltme hızı

  • Ortam ve yerine uygun özel tasarım

  • Tıbbi Cihazlar,CNC Makinalar için koruma filtreleri

  • Bankalar ve Benzin İstasyonları için modüler tasarımlar

  • Klima, fan, pompa, Çiller grupları gibi demeraj içeren Endüktif yüklerde

  • Hastane, Otel, Fabrika ve Sanayi tesislerinin Enerji Hattı Girişlerinde

  • Kesintisiz Güç Kaynakları - Trafosuz UPS Teknolojisi

  • Kesintisiz Güç Kaynakları - Giriş İzolasyon Trafosu

  • SNMP ve MODBUS uyumlu haberleşme opsiyonları

  • Statik Bypass - Yük'ün şebekeye kesintisiz aktarılma özelliği

  • 3 faz seçicili, regüleli transfer elemanları

  • 90-260V aralığı çalşabilme


Advanced Technology Products
Fully digital microprocessor control
Thyristor Tap Changer
Zero Transfer / No Distortion
20 millisecond response speed
Overload, Over Voltage, Under Voltage
Surge, Sage, Spike and Output Short
Circuit Protection
EMI / RFI Noise Filter
True RMS-Real effective measurement scheme
Alphanumeric LCD 4X20 LCD Display
Controlled User Password Parameter Settings
Unconditional 2 year Warranty



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Eternal life ...
Datadigital-SVR, static voltage regulators, voltage regulator within the moving part is a static-free. Voltage regulation is completely under the control of the microcontroller perform digital technology in milliseconds. To wear out, the former does not contain any parts that require maintenance to be. However, if the engine manifolds in classical servo motor voltage regulator, variable transformer brush, brush mechanical friction parts such as bearings quickly show wear. In continuous operation under load transformer overheating and wear on the surface and even voltage interruptions occurred.

High Reliability ...
Datadigital-SVR, Static Voltage Regulators completely microcontroller controlled, thyristor-controlled and has been working with digital technology. Come dangerously low and high voltage networks, the over-current, over-temperature and abnormal conditions such as output short-circuit the load protects and nourishes itself on. All the power in the RFI and EMI filters are available as standard.

Correction of Very High Speed ​​...
Datadigital-SVR, Static Voltage Regulators, feeling the change in the voltage of the network in the first period, a period (20 milliseconds) the output voltage range of 220V + 2% inserts. While in the classical servo motor voltage regulator; changing network voltage correction brush driven by a motor by adjusting the output voltage of the variable transformer is provided. This wear and speed of change of the supply voltage is slow to respond. Output voltage adjustment rate is on the order of seconds that feed is considered quite slow for modern electronic devices.

High Starting Current ...
Datadigital-SVR, Static Voltage Regulators resistant to sudden and high current semiconductor devices (thyristor), thanks to loads requiring high starting current is very quick to respond. This semi-conductor elements 10 times the nominal current for 20 ms can be based. If in the servo motor voltage regulator, even in an asynchronous motor starting inrush brush contact resistance at the contact point will occur due to the very high temperatures, the brush and the transformer will cause damage on the surface.
No distortion ...
Datadigital-SVR, static voltage regulators, voltage regulation with static elements (thyristor) STEP_UP / DOWN ZERO TRANSFER in the logic of the method is realized. Current transfers are zero-cross. Therefore, do not contain harmonics.


Protection Functions


Over-voltage-low voltage protection;
Depending on the device goes to the receiver, the maximum and minimum voltage values ​​.Uses case out of this value and the value of the voltage to the receiver via the front panel by adjusting the cut-off time can control


Over Current - outputshort-circuit protect;

The rated current of the power draw of the devices constructed, which is set to be above the current tolerance value, current time and current rate of rise of graphs and tables to overcome the difference in value are protected by inquiring.

SAG-SURGE Protection;

In the network, the sudden collapse of the order of microseconds, promotion and thousands of volts that protects the buyer against splashing 'effective protection circuit' is. Effective Protection circuit branches typically form either symmetrically or asymmetrically working. Voltage between lines and lines of new soil ....
Effective protection circuit; Reacting quickly suppressor diode protection circuit consisting of three stages, varistors and powerful medium protection level transmitter with gas-filled surge as coarse protection to ohmic resistance between phases are separated by. This is suppressed by limiting surge voltage and surge current protection circuit needs to be diverted to the power distribution provides the most convenient way. Thus, from the network to the receiver will not be able to ride over-voltage protection can be ensured satisfactorily effective

Breaking Switch Protection

Regulators on the panel on / off feature. Over Current, Over-voltage, low voltage and output short circuit protection in such cases as are electronic devices and mechanical separators as output by cut. Breaking Switch open extra security can be ensured.


''BoosterTransformer'' aplication

In 500kVA and above all the power is applied. Harmonic elimination feature as well as 20% of the load current passing through the semiconductor, low cost and allows to increase system reliability


LCD front panel

At first glance, thanks to mimic diagram on the front panel of the device edinilebilir.farkl information about the operating status of the host language options through the LCD display device input and output values ​​(voltage, current, frequency) can be read and calibrated. Input voltage lower and upper levels regulated output voltage lower and upper levels, the output voltage to protect the upper and lower levels are extremely low and extremely high voltage cut-off time, voltage calibration for the negative and positive polarity settings, password control provided to the user are the parameters




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