DATASTS Regulating Static Transfer Elements;

Static transfer switches critical loads from two independent AC power line to any electronic devices that are continuously transferred. The system monitors two AC input any one of them goes beyond the specified tolerances of the critical load is transferred to the other. However DATASTS; Input selector 3-phase Static Voltage Regulators; 3-phase output is fed from the mains fed more than 1 in regulating feeding critical loads to provide continuous three phase loads fed by selecting the best ones are transferred to the system.
4 parts separated by a need to examine the system;


  • Input 3 Phase Selector
  • 1-phase Static Voltage Regulator
  • Manual By-Pass
  • Automatic By-pass Switch Output

3 Phase Static Switch;

Input voltage range that can serve 50-300VAC Static Transfer System; Introduction of the 3-phase AC power supply, the technical values ​​set by selecting the most appropriate phase, the output of the first phase AC input power supply as Static Voltage Regulator Output Channel sends. Selected phase sets the technique goes beyond the tolerances Static Transfer System, load automatically transfer to the other phase is the most appropriate one.


1 Phase Static Voltage Stabilizer;

120-250 VAC input voltage range, at a rate of 20 milli-seconds correction, 220VAC + _ 3% Output voltage range that made it, thyristor controlled AC voltage regulator is a new generation.

Manual By-Pass

Maintenance purposes. A selected phase at the input of the network connects the outlet duct. -0- Position STSREG31 system load is not connected. -1 Position STSREG31 System bypassing input phase L1 is the output channels bağlar.normal working position. -2 Position STSREG31 regulated output channel is connected to the load.

Automatic By-Pass Switch Outputs

STSREG31 static regulator unit in the system-error occurs, a fault in the Static Switch automatically connects to the output of the final output channel.


With the help of LCD alphanumeric display for easy viewing
32 mips-speed microprocessors
Easy access into the housing front
Input sources protected with thermal fuse
3-position positive bypass switch maneuver
The password can be changed by setting parameters
Case of maintenance by-pass circuit is completely cut off electricity to the ability to
Transfer delay setting of 3 seconds
SCR fault detector