AC Motor Speed Control

Motor Driver


Small size, easy to use datadrive all the AC motor drive is best suited for motor control applications


Datadrive AC Motor drive, 3-phase AC motor speed from zero to the desired value with a high starting torque, which can set the desired time working with the IPM-SPWM technique is a modern speed control device. From the menu, engine motor maximum speed, acceleration time, deceleration time, braking time, as well as all drive applications 80% of the user who created specific to these values​​,'s complex technology to to wage war without which can adjust facilitated our country and network conditions are designed according to a new generation of engines control speed device


AC drives are used in a wide range of industrial applications. Constant speed in all conditions, is not suitable for all transactions, which need speed setting must be used in all applications.


Food mixer or electric drill or a more powerful version

Airflow in large heating and air conditioning system settings in order to ensure

And industrial chemicals for the control of water flow to pump speed to be turned


However, variable speed AC drives are often more complex and difficult environments, water and waste water treatment, paper mills, tunnel boring, oil drilling platforms or used in areas such as mining.



With AC drives; When a potential speed control in the normal operation of the system at the same time stress is under control, and energy savings can.


  • Flights and posture inrush current drawn by reducing the network's smaller fuses and power supply connections use and reduce peak load on the network
  • Starting and stopping the reduction of mechanical shock
  • As a means of adjusting the speed control
  • Production rate adjustment
  • Control torque or tension
  • Different speed control option for each application

Using AC drives to save energy

The fan and pump applications, the most commonly used 50% to 20% of energy saving .Example; fan is driven by a constant-speed motor, the output can use the damper to restrict air flow or air flow by controlling the motor speed can edit. Which do you think is more efficient.

Advanced Technology Products
SPWM Modulation / IPM Module Power Solid
Our country Compliant Network Conditions
Easy to get to and use of services
Up to 50% energy savings
Reduced noise levels
Unconditional Warranty and Service Support
Rational initial parameters

Your application loads the correct driver and ambient temperature conditions that affect most of the power are two important factors in determining. Load conditions requires immediate pull-peak currents on the motor nameplate power capacity will need to select the drive.

Starting Torque
Variable Torque / Constant Torque
40 * C, 45 * C to 50 * C ambient temperature
metal Body
physical Dimensions


Switching frequency
Switching frequency noise of the engine to reduce module.Under speed good ride quality, requiring all applications, in DATADRIVE AC motor speed control devices, software and hardware, in terms of using the latest technology designed. Mot overload and overheating protection is provided.

Datadrive AC Motor Drive as standard, overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent and short circuit protection. DataDrive PWM (Pulse Modulation Wide ) sinusoidal form with Pulse Width Modulation signal is produced. 8kHz switching frequency. DataDrive to the output of the engine's quiet operation of multiple motors . Programl's very easy menu structure is designed so simple to understand.

Surge Protection = 380V mains voltage exceeds + 20% if 456V the device switches off.
Low voltage protection = 304V mains voltage down to below -20% if 380V device switches off.
Over Current Protection = motor current, rated current 200% of the inverter switches off if it exceeds reputation.



It is compact
Thanks to the self-cooling heat sink
simple installation
Quick and easy commissioning,
The minimum number of parameters
Three freely programmable digital inputs
One entry 0..10V analog
Quiet motor operation at high switching frequencies
Increased protection for motor and inverter
Operating temperature -10 .. + 50 °

Provided Engine Voltage / Frequency Rate
On the characteristics of the network, depending on the characteristics of the motor and the application of voltage / frequency ratio setting. Excessive speed or constant or variable torque applications all over Burglars
Frequency loop gain
In transient possible to drive the machine in an optimal adaptation to study various power provides.
Low inertia and high inertia, centrifugal speed of the machine cycle until all applications.
Slip Compensation
Whatever the load, by means of automatic frequency correcting the reference engine speed is kept constant.
Load torque and speed range in which major changes in all applications where wide involvement.
Automatic adaptation of deceleration ramp
High inertia due to the set deceleration time is too short to provide adaptation.
Controlled deceleration ramp does not need to stand in all applications
Performance Characteristic
  • MITSUBISHI MODULE L series 5.jeneration ​​IPM technology
  • Digital microprocessor controller (DSPICS)
  • Linear V / f characteristic
  • Automatic restart after fault
  • Programmable acceleration deceleration ramps
  • precise speed control with analog input
Protection Characteristic
60s. 150% overloadability (240s after 85% work in 300s.'lik period)
Extremely high / low voltage protection, overheat protection Inverter Short circuit protection Ground fault